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What is drip surgery?

My neighbor told me that she recently had “dropless” cataract surgery and she or he seemed comfortable with that aspect of the procedure. What does it include?

Oh Cataract surgery, probably the most common surgical procedures performed within the United States, has long required patients to make use of expensive eye drops to advertise healing and reduce the danger of infection. might be done Many people also find these antibiotic and anti inflammatory drops to be painful, as they need to be given several times a day at strict intervals for as much as six weeks.

Recently, nevertheless, eye surgeons have been in a position to inject a drug into the attention during cataract surgery that eliminates the necessity for drops afterward. This medication, called TriMoxi, combines a steroid and an antibiotic to guard against eye inflammation and infection. But some patients — including those with diabetes or certain eye conditions — can't have cataract surgery without drops. And the medication also can cause unwanted effects, similar to blurred vision or floaters, for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Anyone considering cataract surgery should ask their ophthalmologist if a dropless procedure could also be an option.

Photo: © Norman Zeb/Getty Images