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Weight loss and exercise can reduce atrial fibrillation.

The research we're taking a look at.

For individuals with atrial fibrillation, losing a bit of weight and exercising may improve their symptoms, in response to a review published online on February 7, 2018. American Journal of Cardiology.

Atrial fibrillation (or afib) is a typical heart rhythm disorder by which the heartbeat shakes or flutters, which may cause dizziness and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include fatigue, weakness and fainting.

The researchers identified 10 studies that evaluated lifestyle strategies for managing Afib. The strongest evidence got here from three studies involving weight reduction and 4 exercises. Weight loss interventions included a low-calorie weight-reduction plan and moderate exercise, which were related to fewer and fewer bouts of AFib. The improvement was more pronounced in those that lost at the least 10% of their body weight.

The exercise studies included a wide range of interventions, starting from brisk walking to running for various times and frequencies. Overall, regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise was related to higher quality of life and fewer symptoms in individuals with afib. The authors concluded that each weight reduction and exercise can complement other treatments for Afib, including medications and procedures.

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