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Two firms say lab-grown chicken meat gets final approval

June 21, 2023 – Lab-grown chicken meat may be sold within the United States after two firms said Wednesday that they had received final approval from the Department of Agriculture for his or her products.

Upside Foods and Eat Just are the primary firms to finish the various steps required to receive federal approval to sell cultured meat, after the Food and Drug Administration previously declared the meat protected for consumption.

“With the approvals, the United States will become the second country after Singapore to allow the sale of so-called cultured meat, which is obtained from a sample of cattle cells fed and grown in steel tanks,” Reuters reported.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Uma Valeti, CEO of Upside. “It marks a new era.”

Caraway meat might be of interest to environmentally conscious consumers who need to enjoy meat without slaughtering cattle.

“Cultivated meat is neither vegan nor vegetarian,” Advantages says the web site. “It’s not a meat substitute – it’s meat!”

“We take a sample of cells, put them in a vessel called a cultivator, and feed them the right mix of nutrients to help them multiply and grow. After two to three weeks, the meat is harvested, prepared and ready to eat.”

Upside will first be available at an upscale San Francisco restaurant, Bar Crenn.

“The flavor is phenomenal,” said chef Dominique Crenn of Upside. “The crust is perfect. The aroma fills the kitchen. It hits exactly the notes that everyone knows and loves.”

Chef José Andrés has agreed to serve Good Meat chicken in one in every of his restaurants in Washington, DC. Food Diving reported. Eat Just is the parent company of Good Meat Inc.

The novel meat shouldn't be expected in US grocery stores within the near future, Related Press reported. Farmed chicken meat is rather more expensive than meat from farmed birds and can't yet be produced on the identical scale as conventional meat, said Ricardo San Martin, director of the Alt:Meat Lab on the University of California, Berkeley, in accordance with the Associated Press.

According to Reuters, citing the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, livestock production accounts for 14.5 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.