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The contaminated blood scam – what you should know

The infected blood scandal has been praised. Destruction of the worst treatment An end to NHS history 3000 people have died. In the Nineteen Seventies, 80s, and 90s, it was estimated that an infected person still died consequently of receiving contaminated blood products. Every four days.

As the scandal unfolded, the demand was repeated. Justice and recognition was ignored. An independent public inquiry was eventually announced. 2017. Delay itself is one Source of damage.

Many have died without redress or proper help. gave An inquiry into infected bloodChaired by Sir Brian Langstaff. The biggest public inquiry ever Ever made in Britain. The inquiry will issue its final report on May 20, 2024.

Public Inquiries There are major investigations established by the federal government to reply to catastrophic events. gave Investigation of infected blood investigates the causes and effects of the contaminated blood scandal to unravel what happened.

The inquiry team has reviewed. Extensive evidenceIncluding 1000's of pages of public records, and evidence from the federal government, NHS, National Blood Services and pharmaceutical firms.

Thousands of Oral and written submissions Consideration was given to affected and affected individuals.

At oral hearings across the UK, people gave powerful accounts of their experiences and, in turn, heard from those involved in offering remedies, setting policy and responding to the emerging disaster.

About 2,007 victims and victims were designated as “core participants”, and so they formulated ten questions along with the inquiry team. Expert groups.

Today, the infections of particular concern to the inquiry – hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV – are higher understood and effective treatments can be found. However, although doctors were aware of the hazards of hepatitis B within the Nineteen Seventies, it took a protracted time for hepatitis C and HIV to be recognized and understood.

Unexplained hepatitis Discussed since 1969, the infectious agent hepatitis C, which might cause chronic infection, severe liver damage, and death, was identified in 1989.

First UK case AIDS was in 1981.. The explanation for HIV was identified in 1983, but there was no cure for AIDS. The infamy was remarkable.

Of the 1000's of men, women and youngsters infected with hepatitis C or HIV, the route of infection will likely be through the transfusion of contaminated blood, or using medical treatments derived from contaminated human blood products.

People were put in danger by blood transfusions needed to save lots of their lives or help them get well, and by treatments to administer blood clotting conditions like hemophilia.

In the Nineteen Sixties, hemophiliacs were commonly treated with a frozen blood product called cryoprecipitate, or cryo for brief. Cryo posed a comparatively low risk of transmission of infection because a single dose was obtained from a single blood donation. But it was difficult to store and manage and made life difficult for patients.

In the early Nineteen Seventies, a revolutionary latest treatment, factor VIII, solved a lot of these problems and was seen as a serious breakthrough. However, factor VIII was made by concentrating pooled plasma collected from tens of 1000's of donors. This increased the chance of spreading blood-borne infections, as only one donor could contaminate a whole batch carrying the virus that might then be used to treat many patients.

As doctors offered Factor VIII, the NHS struggled to maintain up with demand and started importing supplies from the US.

These products were particularly dangerous because within the US, people at high risk of infection, including prisoners, were paid to donate blood. This was in contrast to the UK blood donation system which has all the time relied on altruistic donation.

Against this background, the inquiry considered whether informed consent with patients, sharing of risk information, openness and transparency, and involvement and Later infection In research

Factor VIII was produced from blood plasma.
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In 2022, one Independent reportLed by Sir Robert Francis, really helpful compensation regardless of any issue of legal liability or the end result of the inquiry.

gave The British government accepted. Made the moral case for compensation and initial Payments of £100,000 Up to 4,000 of affected and bereaved colleagues in 2022.

Although welcomed, it was a far cry from the compensation package proposed by Francis. In one Interim ReportLangstaff concluded that “mistakes were made at individual, collective and systemic levels”.

He also made it clear that there's a strong moral case for compensation for wrongs and damages caused to people. They Recommended That the total compensation scheme shouldn't wait until the ultimate report is published on May 20.

gave The government resistedciting the necessity to base compensation considerations on the ultimate report, and established a brand new Expert group to advise