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Study: “Eternal chemicals” in water result in weight gain

April 26, 2023 – A brand new study has found that “forever chemicals” used heavily in food packaging and other consumer products contribute to weight gain.

The study focused on exposure to PFAS (perfluorinated alkyl substances). It was published within the journal obesity.

“They are colorless, tasteless and odorless and are often used to create barriers or prevent fluids from leaking out,” the University of Rhode Island said in a Press release“The chemicals coat pizza boxes and microwave popcorn bags, nonstick cookware and waterproof clothing, and prevent stains from penetrating carpets and furniture.”

The chemicals have entered the water, “from marine habitats to drinking water resources,” the press release states.

Higher levels of PFAS within the blood promote weight gain and make it harder for people to take care of lost weight, the researchers found. Previous studies have shown that PFAS contributes to weight gain and high cholesterol in children, the press release said.

“We have now focused on adults who participated in an experimental study of five different diets on weight gain,” said Dr. Philippe Grandjean, research professor on the URI College of Pharmacy. “Our findings reinforce the concern that pollution may affect our metabolism, causing us to tend to gain weight.”

Researchers examined PFAS chemicals in 381 blood samples that were already a part of a European Commission randomized clinical trial in Europe that focused on weight reduction planning for obese adults.

“Regardless of the diet assigned to these participants, they gained weight when exposed to increased PFAS exposure,” the press release said.

The study authors wrote: “Baseline plasma PFAS concentrations were significantly associated with greater weight regain 26 weeks after initial weight loss.”

They said future nutrition studies should take PFAS exposure into consideration to enhance precision.