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Protect your eyes while playing pickles.

Pickleball requires you to maintain your eye on the ball, but be sure that your eyes are protected. A report published online by the journal December 14, 2023 the attention Warns that pickleball and other racquet sports can put people liable to eye injury.

Researchers cited several forms of pickle-related eye damage, reminiscent of corneal abrasions (scratching the surface of the attention), retinal tears or detachments, Berlin's edema (damage to the outer layers of the retina, lack of vision for several hours). causing deficiency), and hyphema (bleeding). within the anterior chamber of the attention which may result in glaucoma). The risk of eye injury is higher in athletes with existing eye conditions reminiscent of dry eye disease and those that have undergone eye surgery.

According to the researchers, the mix of pickleball's high-speed motion and shut proximity between players increases the chance of the ball hitting the attention. The solution is easy and effective: wear protective, shatterproof eyewear while playing. Researchers recommend polycarbonate safety glasses, which give front and side coverage for optimal protection. However, sunglasses or regular glasses may also offer a layer of protection.

Photo: © Hallbergman/Getty Images