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Men, women, and the danger of beef: Maybe each sexes should put down the burgers.

Advice to limit steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and other forms of beef to forestall heart disease and diabetes dates back to the late Seventies. But the evidence against meat has been conflicting, with some studies identifying risks only from processed red meats equivalent to hot dogs, bacon, ham and salami. Also, men eat more meat than women. So what form of beef affects health, and is one gender more liable to it than the opposite? To discover, researchers reviewed dozens of observational and randomized studies that tracked beef consumption (including 43 studies taking a look at heart disease and 27 diabetes) in greater than 5 million men and ladies. The researchers found that each unprocessed and processed beef were related to higher risks of heart disease and diabetes, with no clear difference in risk between men and ladies. The authors urge all adults to scale back beef consumption to guard health. The results were published on June 2, 2023. European Heart Journal.

Photo: © Laurie Patterson/Getty Images

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