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Major advantages of plain water

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Water, water, in every single place, not a drop to drink“Unlike Samuel Taylor Coleridge's ancient mariner, who was surrounded by undrinkable salt water, most Americans have a limiteless supply of unpolluted water to quench our thirst.

Yet a lot of us turn a blind eye to it and as an alternative reach for other beverages throughout the day, equivalent to soda, juice, coffee, and tea. And despite warnings about its health advantages. plain water.

Now oh A recent study I Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Provides much more evidence that we should always select water over other beverages if we would like to manage our weight. For the study, University of Illinois researchers checked out data on the eating (and drinking) habits of 18,311 adults recorded within the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2005 and 2012.

Survey participants were asked to recall their food intake on two separate days. They reported their consumption of plain water (which included tap water, fountain and water cooler water, and bottled water) in addition to other beverages equivalent to soda, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sweets. reported using bottled water. Participants were also asked about their favorite “energy-dense, nutrient-dense” foods, equivalent to cookies, ice cream, chips and pastries.

On average, participants drank 4.2 cups of plain water a day and consumed 2,157 calories. About 125 of those calories come from sugary drinks, and about 432 calories come from energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods.

Researchers found that participants who drank probably the most plain water of their day by day weight loss plan ate fewer total calories, drank fewer sugary drinks, and consumed less total fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol. In fact, they found that increasing consumption of plain water from one to 3 cups per day could reduce calorie intake by 68 to 205 calories. This can add as much as only a few calories over time – and end in significant weight reduction.

The findings support previous research on the subject, which has shown that drinking water before meals and substituting water for sugary drinks can reduce calorie intake and improve weight control. Is. This means that individuals desirous about reducing weight and improving their overall health can profit from adding more plain water to their day by day weight loss plan.

So the following time you're thirsty, as an alternative of ignoring your kitchen sink at home or the bubbler at work, take a moment to enjoy a drink that's free, refreshing, and really good for us: Simple. old water