"The groundwork of all happiness is health." - Leigh Hunt

How it helps you discover meaning in life

Viktor Frankl was the founding father of the logotherapy concept. He believed that human nature thrives on finding meaning in life. “Logo” is a word that comes from the Greek word “logos,” which suggests “meaning.” The second a part of the word, therapy, refers back to the treatment of an illness, condition, or maladaptation. The full definition of logotherapy then is “the search for meaning in your life.”

Frankl developed the speculation based on his own experiences in various Nazi concentration camps. He found that folks can overcome difficulties and suffering once they find meaning and purpose in life. This allows them to enjoy healthy aging and a protracted life.

Today, researchers imagine that having a purpose in life could make you more resilient to life's hardships. It is alleged that once you change schools, jobs or countries, it's all seeking meaning. If there is no such thing as a revelation, you might change into stressed and start to query all the choices you've got made. This affects your quality of life.

Logotherapy theory relies on three basic principles.

  1. Every person has a healthy core.
  2. Each individual's primary focus is to coach others, discover their inner resources, and supply the tools to utilize at their inner core.
  3. Life offers meaning and purpose, but guarantees neither achievement nor happiness.

The theory states you could find meaning in your life in 3 ways:

  1. Meeting someone or experiencing something
  2. Create some work or perform an motion
  3. By the attitude you're taking towards unavoidable suffering

Frankl went one step further and showed his belief that suffering was a part of life. He explained that freedom comes from selecting methods to reply to each painful and completely satisfied circumstances. His theory argues that one can find meaning by becoming aware of the unique roles one can fulfill.

The theory relies on six basic assumptions which are just like the core properties.

Body Mind and Soul. As an individual, you might be made up of your body and mind, but your mind is what defines you and your being. The theory didn't take its idea from religion, but it surely is comparable in some respects.

You can find meaning in all situations. Frankl firmly believed that life has meaning, no matter how dire the situation. There is all the time the next level of order that offers you meaning.

You have a will to meaning. The seek for meaning in life is the best motivation to live and act. It lets you endure pain and suffering. The will to search out meaning in life is different from the desire to achieve power and pleasure.

Freedom to search out meaning. You have the liberty to make use of your will to enable you find meaning. This lets you find meaning in any situation, even when you feel pain or suffering.

Importance of the moment. The fifth assumption is about finding the aim of the moment. You must reply to the demands of every day life in a way that's consistent with society's values ​​and your conscience.

You are unique. The theory strongly states that you simply are unique and nobody and nothing can replace you.

Frankl says you could quickly transform misery and suffering into achievement and achievement. When you're feeling guilty about something, it's a possibility to alter for the higher. Life transitions also offer you the chance to take the precise motion using three techniques.

Diversion. This approach to logotherapy helps you focus away from yourself and on other people. It helps you change into whole by spending less time fascinated about your problems or methods to achieve a goal.

Paradoxical intention. This is where you desire what you fear most. For fears and phobias, you should utilize humor and mock when the fear overcomes you. For example, when you're afraid of looking silly in front of other people, the speculation suggests that you simply're intentionally doing something silly. This way you'll overcome this fear.

Socratic dialogue. This tool is designed to enable you discover the self in your personal words. Working with a therapist can enable you discover word patterns and understand their meaning. The process can enable you find a solution you should work out.

You can apply the principles of logotherapy in your life every day by trying the next:

  • Create something
  • Build relationships
  • Find meaning in pain
  • Understand and accept that life is unfair
  • Enjoy the liberty to search out meaning
  • Focus on others
  • Accept the worst

Logotherapy is the concept of finding meaning in every aspect of life. It encourages you to align your values ​​and reinforces each good and bad experiences. In this manner, you shall be free of all problems and increase your resilience and well-being.