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How I Lost 61Lbs In 3 Months with The Amazing Costa Rican Tea Recipe

I’m Linda and I recently turned 56 and here’s how I got from 210 and always tired to 149 and loving every second of my life just by drinking a delicious Costa Rican tea daily!
Now, ever since starting a family 20 years ago I’ve struggled with my weight…

I knew having a child would leave me with a few extra pounds…

But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to stay in shape as a mother… I mean even for a tall woman like me…

It only dawned on me recently how bad things were when I was told my by Doctor that my blood sugar is too high and that I might develop diabetes…

Given the less-than-active lifestyle I had, it shouldn’t have been a big surprise.

But the news made me really scared of course.

I was 210 pounds and when I thought about all the health problems it could lead to, I became terrified.

I started making small changes; reducing my portion size, trying to cut out the snacks, and even tried a few workouts.

But when the current global situation came along, I got so stressed and worried I began to comfort eat.

I know this was the worst thing I could have done, but in my head, I kept justifying it.

Certain things were beyond my control after all. Plus, what else could I do?

Gyms were closed, and I never enjoyed working out in the park as everyone was always staring at me…

A friend of mine told me about how she was getting great results by drinking a few cups of a Costa Rican tea every day, but I didn’t believe her!

But then I came across a story on my news feed about a woman who was a little older than me and had lost over 100pounds with the same Costa Rican tea.

So, I decided to get the recipe and start drinking a few cups of tea every day!

But just to be sure, I managed to get a video call with my Doctor…

I shared the tea specifications and ingredients with him and he told me it looked perfect for me to try.

And that’s exactly what I did!

The Costa Rican Tea Recipe

There is a morning tea that boosts metabolism and your energy levels…

And an evening tea that helps you sleep better and detoxifies your body during the night.

Because it contains a powerful combination of:

Green Tea – 20%,
Oolong Tea – 15%,
Orange peel – 15%,
Lemongrass – 15%,
Ginger – 10%,
Dandelion leaf – 12%,
Ginseng Root – 5%,
Garcinia Cambogia – 3%,
Monk Fruit – 5%,
Natural Mint and
Lemon Flavor…

the Morning Tea will:

  • skyrocket your metabolism and energy levels with up to 53%, so you can be more productive at work and be able to play with your kids and grandkids for hours, without any pain or fatigue
  • stop fat production in your body, so you can lose weight naturally without the struggle caused by diet or exercise!
  • reduce your appetite and cravings for carbs, so never again you’ll fall off the wagon
  • help you get healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels so you can stop worrying about your health
  • help you reduce back pain, joint pains and other aches so you can enjoy life to the fullest
  • reduce the effects of aging in your body so you can feel and look 10 years younger and have everyone admire and compliment you for how beautiful and young you look!

And the best part is that you’ll never again have to restrict your food intake, to diet or to exercise for weight loss!

The Evening Tea is made from:

Senna leaves – 20%,
Licorice Root – 7%,
Peppermint Leaves – 8%,
Fennel fruit – 8%,
Orange peel – 10%,
Cinnamon bark – 15%,
Dandelion Leaves – 10%,
Lemongrass, Ginger – 7%,
Monk Fruit for sweetness without the calories – 5%, and Natural Honey and Lemon Flavor.

It tastes so good that you’ll recommend it to all your friends and family, and you’ll enjoy it every evening after dinner because it will help you:

– reduce constipation, cravings, appetite and bloating,
– detox your body of toxins and can get rid of all excess water weight,
– sleep better during the night and
– wake up rested and filled with energy and refreshed every single day!

My Experience With The Costa Rican Tea

The first thing I noticed was the fact that I became full of energy and I was able to control my urges to comfort eat.

In fact, after drinking the tea in the morning, I was not hungry anymore.

In the first few weeks I was able to lose almost 2 inches off my waistline without a strict diet or exercises.

Having regained control over my eating and having seen that something is finally working, gave me a big confidence boost too, which helped me get a promotion at my job.

I continued drinking a few cups of tea every day and I decided to start eating healthier.

Instead of pizza I went for grilled chicken with some vegetables, and so on…

I am feeling amazing, plus I was slowly getting toned as well.

I lost a total of 61lbs and my body completely changed as I started to develop an attractive shape.

I am loving every second of my life now and everything is so easy!

I can eat everything I want without any guilt as I know that that to the Costa Rican tea my metabolism as super high and it burns all the calories I eat.

On top of that I feel young again. I look much younger than my age…

Everyone thinks that I am in my 40’s and are shocked when I tell them that soon I will turn 57.

My only regret is that I didn’t find out about the Costa Rican tea sooner…

Anyway, I really think everyone should try the Costa Rican tea because it was a huge help for me!

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