"The groundwork of all happiness is health." - Leigh Hunt

Hitting the snooze button could provide health advantages

Oct. 19, 2023 – Hitting the snooze button in your alarm clock isn't so bad for you in spite of everything. New research suggests it would even be good for you.

Research has shown that using the snooze button had no negative impact on sleep or thought processes. The research was published in Journal of Sleep Research.

“Research even found that a short period of snooze can alleviate sleep sluggishness, disorientation, and declines in performance or mood that occur upon waking without drastically disrupting sleep.” USA today reported. “It may also improve cognitive function compared to waking up completely after the first alarm goes off.”

In one Press releaseCorresponding creator Tina Sundelin from Stockholm University said: “The results suggest that there is no such thing as a reason to stop sleeping within the morning when you enjoy it, no less than not for snooze periods of around half-hour. In fact, it may even help those that can't sleep within the morning sleepiness to be a bit more awake as soon as they rise up.”

Two studies were reviewed for the research. One study recorded the waking habits of 1,732 adults. Of these, 69% used the snooze alarm or multiple alarms. The snooze lasted a mean of twenty-two minutes and ranged as much as 180 minutes.

The second study checked out 31 snoozers and located that they lost six minutes of sleep for each half-hour they slept. Researchers found no clear effects on mood, stress, fatigue or sleep quality.

According to the CDC, greater than a 3rd of Americans don't get enough sleep. Further research suggests that sleeping seven to eight hours can add years to an individual's life, USA Today wrote.