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Costs, vouchers and ways to get monetary savings

May 3, 2023 – With the blockbuster drug against type 2 diabetes Ozempic popular as ever, individuals with diabetes and people who need to use it for weight reduction are battle to get their hands on it amid widespread shortages. Over 4 million patients have been prescribed Ozempic worldwidesays the manufacturer Novo Nordisk websiteThe drug is being prescribed to Americans at a unprecedented rate and is reported to account for about 10% of worldwide prescriptions.

In addition to the provision problems, cost of Ozempic is also a serious hurdle. Some Americans have even tried to flock to Canada to attempt to get the drug at a reduced price. Canada sells Ozempic for a whopping $700 lower than within the U.S., where it might cost greater than $1,000 a month. British Columbia's Ministry of Health released a report Thousands of US residents have filled their Ozempic prescriptions of their region. Of all of the doses distributed in British Columbia, 15% (15,798 doses) were sold to Americans in January and February.

So how much money exactly do you've to shell out for this so-called miracle cure? Read on to search out out more.

How much does Ozempic cost?

Lots – to place it simply. A box or pen that lasts 30 days can cost nearly $US1,200 ($1,122.92), depending on the pharmacy, says Walter Oronsaye, PharmD, a Houston pharmacist who creates online content with details about pharmaceuticals, including drug shortages.

But if you happen to're considered one of the lucky ones whose insurance covers the drug, it might be less expensive. In fact, the difference may very well be “hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month for two different patients with the same prescription,” said Mark Decerbo, PharmD, a Las Vegas pharmacist.

Carol Sortore, 44, says she pays just $25 a month for her Ozempic prescription. She has prediabetes and her insurance happens to cover the drug cost. Without insurance, she would have needed to pay $1,200 out of pocket, says Sortore, a Kansas City-based information security analyst.

The situation is different for 33-year-old Annie Brown, whose pharmacy charges her $1,000 a month because her insurance doesn't cover her prescription.

How to get it cheaper

Getting Ozempic at a reduced price depends upon several aspects. People with private medical health insurance can ultimately get Ozempic at a less expensive price. It may very well be as little as $25 a month for a 1-, 2- or 3-month supply, Oronsaye said.

If you're paying out of pocket, it's possible you'll find a way to get it cheaper in case your pharmacy accepts discount cards, such than GoodRx. This option could prevent just a few hundred dollars. For example, these cards might allow you to pay about $850 to $900 as an alternative of paying the complete $1,200 out of pocket, Oronsaye said. With her GoodRx discount, Brown pays $500 for Ozempic as an alternative of the $1,000 out of pocket.

If you've private insurance, Decerbo says you possibly can text “BEGIN” to 21848 to receive an Ozempic Savings Card from the drugmaker. “You see [patients] Pay just $25 per thirty days as a copayment for the medication, with a maximum savings of as much as $150 on a 1-month prescription, $300 on a 2-month prescription, and $450 on a 3-month prescription, for as much as 2 years total.”

How do you get a prescription?

First, you should schedule an in-person appointment with your doctor to see if Ozempic is right for you. But there are other ways to have the medication delivered directly to your home — an in-person appointment is not necessary, Decerbo said.

“In the current post-COVID era, newer, unique models for obtaining prescriptions have emerged,” he said. “Many providers, including nurses, have now Telemedicinewhere the suitability of Ozempic for an interested patient can be assessed online. An electronic prescription for the drug is then sent to the patient's pharmacy.”

Remember: Your insurance company can refuse to cover the associated fee of the medication if you happen to are taking Ozempic solely for weight reduction and wouldn't have diabetes.