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Why do your legs get pins and needles whenever you sit on them?

That's an excellent query, Bonnie.

There are a couple of the explanation why we may feel pins and needles inside our body. Sometimes, this sense happens after we are sick or hurt himself. It may also be on account of different. Health conditionsor due to our genes (we inherit our genes from our parents).

We may experience pins and needles after we sit in a single position for too long, or after we stretch a selected a part of our body, corresponding to our legs. That's what you asked about, in order that's what we'll discuss in this text.

The pins-and-needles sensation, which you may also call “tingles,” comes from us. Nerves.

Nerves are made up of specialised cells that send electrical signals – essentially messages – between nerves Our mind And our bodies. So nerves help our brain communicate with our muscles and other parts of our body to manage things like this movement.

Let's take a more in-depth have a look at nerves, and what role they play in giving us pins and needles.

Nerve cells allow our brain to speak with other parts of our body.
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Crushing our blood vessels

Our body's nerves need many things to operate properly, corresponding to nutrients (the good things we get from food), oxygen from the air we breathe, and lots of more. The blood. Our blood helps carry this oxygen, nutrients and other useful things around our body.

The heart pumps blood to all parts of our body. Blood vesselsthat are like small tubes.

If we sit on our legs for too long, it might crush a few of the small blood vessels in that a part of our body. This signifies that the blood can not flow properly. And then, any nerves that need blood supply from those vessels don't get the nutrients or oxygen they need.

This causes the nerves to decelerate, attempting to conserve their energy. It's a bit like they've fallen asleep. The area might be quite numb and also you won't feel much.

You may get this sense whenever you sit in a single position for too long, or squash your hand or arm under your weight for some time. Have you ever woken up in bed with a dead arm?

A boy is playing with toys on the bedroom floor.
You might get pins and needles from playing on the ground for a very long time.

Then, whenever you finally turn around, the blood vessels immediately open, and blood rushes to the world and stimulates the nerves.

The nerves can then start their firing Electrical signal. As they get up, we get a wierd feeling. It's a pins and needles feeling. Often, the world may feel numb, or a bit of difficult to maneuver.

No must worry.

The medical term for this tingling, pins and needles, blisters or numbness is “Paraesthesia

Some people may find this sense a bit of scary. But often there isn't any must worry. If you've just been sitting in your legs for some time, or sleeping in your arm, the world will refill with blood again as soon as you progress around a bit.

Then the nerves will receive again. Nutrients and oxygen They need it, and also you'll be back to normal very quickly.