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Tuberculosis cases are increasing within the United States, especially amongst young children

May 9, 2023 – The variety of tuberculosis cases within the United States has increased previously yr, especially amongst young children, in keeping with a new report.

Last yr, 8,300 cases were identified within the country, the CDC said, a 5% increase from the previous yr.

Among children under 4, the rise was 26%, from 160 in 2021 to 202 cases last yr.

This number is concerning because cases on this age group are sometimes the results of recent transmission somewhat than the reactivation of a long-lasting latent infection, the CDC said in a Press release.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a better variety of cases were reported – 8,896 in 2019, in keeping with the CDC. In 2020, the yr the pandemic began, the number dropped by a fifth. The drop in cases reported in the course of the pandemic could also be attributable to missed diagnoses or travel that limited exposure for some people. The Washington Post reported.

Tuberculosis bacteria are transmitted through the air from individual to individual when the affected person coughs, sneezes, laughs or talks. A primary infection can occur, which frequently has no symptoms reminiscent of chest pain, fever, chills and coughing up blood. Later, in a latent infection, the germs survive but remain under control until the immune system can now not control the infection. The post reports.

Tuberculosis might be fatal if left untreated, but it could even be cured, normally by taking antibiotics.