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Tai Chi offers the identical advantages as traditional exercise.

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Tai Chi helps improve balance and coordination, especially in older adults. Now, a study published on June 1, 2021 History of Internal Medicine have shown that ancient mind-body practice provides the identical health advantages as traditional exercise.

Researchers randomly divided 543 obese people, aged 50 and over, into three groups. One practiced tai chi, one other worked out with a mixture of aerobic and strength training, and a 3rd did no exercise.

Tai chi participants followed a typical type of slow continuous circular motion generally known as yang style. Exercisers performed brisk walking and strength-training exercises, corresponding to arm curls and deadlifts, shoulder presses, squats, and heel raises. Both groups had one-hour sessions, thrice every week, for 12 weeks.

Afterwards, people in each the exercise and tai chi groups had similar reductions in waist size, body weight, and levels of cholesterol in comparison with the control group.

It's not clear exactly how tai chi helps, but researchers note that gentle, flowing movements are perfect for individuals who have difficulty staying lively and can assist them persist with regular exercise. can.

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