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Study shows some relief of long-COVID fatigue, researchers say

April 18, 2023 – In a Phase 2 clinical trial of a possible treatment for fatigue related to Long COVID-19, individuals who received the drug reported positive results in comparison with those that received a placebo.

The study was conducted by researchers on the University of Oxford and published in eClinical Medicine.

It is one in all the primary randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of a possible treatment for Long COVID, Oxford said in a Press release.

“In the study, people living with Long COVID who received AXA1125 had significantly improved fatigue compared to those who received a placebo,” Oxford said.

Forty-one people took part. They had been affected by fatigue for 18 months. All accomplished the study and none reported serious uncomfortable side effects, Oxford said.

AXA1125 was developed by the US pharmaceutical company Axcella Therapeutics.

Long COVID refers to persistent symptoms, including fatigue, that last more than 12 weeks after infection. “Possible causes include reduced mitochondrial function and cellular bioenergetics,” the study says.

“AXA1125 was tested in long-COVID fatigue because previous data from Axcella showed effects on cellular energy and inflammation. More recent data on long-COVID suggest that the virus attacks mitochondria, which are essential for normal energy production and controlling inflammation,” Oxford said. “AXA1125 may improve energy production and reduce the level of inflammation in the body.”

The study authors wrote that AXA1125 was related to a “significant reduction in the 28-day Chalder Fatigue Questionnaire score compared to placebo.” They said participants who reported less fatigue also had higher mitochondrial health and walked further in a six-minute test.