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Review supports continued wearing of masks during doctor visits

May 16, 2023 – A brand new study urges people to proceed wearing protective masks in medical settings even after the U.S. public health emergency related to COVID-19 has expired.

Masks proceed to cut back the chance of contracting the virus during doctor visits, says the studypublished in Annals of Internal Medicine. And there was no major difference between wearing surgical masks and N95 respirators in healthcare settings.

The researchers reviewed three randomized trials and 21 observational studies to check the effectiveness of those masks and cloth masks in reducing COVID-19 transmission.

“Wearing masks when dealing with patients and medical staff should continue to be seriously considered as a patient safety measure,” says a Opinion article accompanying your studies.

“As we strive to return to some semblance and sense of normalcy, and as institutions decide which containment strategies to discontinue, we strongly advocate not to discard this important lesson for the sake of the safety of our patients,” the authors wrote.

According to CNN, surgical masks limit the spread of aerosols and droplets from individuals who have the flu, coronavirus or other respiratory viruses. And while masks are usually not 100% effective, they significantly reduce the quantity of virus released into the air through coughing and talking.

According to the study, one reason people should wear masks in medical settings is because “healthcare workers are known to come to work sick.” While patient-to-staff and staff-to-patient transmission remains to be possible, it's rare when each are wearing masks.