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Manufacturer of the “One Chip Challenge” removes product from shelves

September 8, 2023 – The maker of a particularly spicy tortilla chip marketed because the “One Chip Challenge” is pulling the product from shelves after a Massachusetts woman said her 14-year-old son died after eating certainly one of the chips.

Harris Wolobah of Worcester, MA, ate the chip on Sept. 1 at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, complained to a college nurse of stomach pains and was sent home, said his mother, Lois Wolobah. NBC BostonHe fell unconscious at home and was pronounced dead on the hospital later that day, she said. An autopsy has not yet determined the reason behind death.

The One Chip Challenge is conducted using the Carolina Reaper and the Naga Viper, two of the most popular chili peppers on the earth. The label on the coffin-shaped box challenges customers to eat the chip, wait so long as possible without drinking or eating anything, and record their reactions on social media.

In an announcement on Company website, Paqui said the product label states the chip shouldn't be for youngsters or anyone sensitive to spicy food or who has food allergies, is pregnant or has health issues. The company is “actively working with our retailers” and “offering refunds on our single-serving chip challenge product.”

“Although the Paqui One Chip Challenge is intended for adults only, we have seen an increase in youth use of the product,” an organization spokesperson said. “We care about all of our consumers and have made the decision to remove the product from shelves.”

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said on Xformerly generally known as Twitter, that there are reports from across the country of teenagers being hospitalized due to the One Chip Challenge.

“As the investigation into the cause of death of the Worcester teenager continues, the Worcester County District Attorney's Office would like to remind parents to learn about the One Chip Challenge and talk to their children about it,” he said.