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Can't sleep? You could also be vulnerable to atrial fibrillation.

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If you will have trouble sleeping through the night, you might be in danger for atrial fibrillation (afib), an irregular heartbeat that could cause heart palpitations and is a number one reason behind stroke.

A study published online June 25, 2018 Heart rhythm reviewed 4 studies and located a link between afib and poor sleep. In one study, individuals with afib woke up more often in the course of the night than people without the condition. In other studies, poor sleep quality, including frequent nighttime awakenings and fewer REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, predicted which individuals would develop Afib.

It's unclear how poor sleep may be a possible risk factor for Afib, however the researchers noted that other studies show that sleep apnea — a disorder by which your respiration stops repeatedly and relapses – are also related to a better risk of AFib, although the precise cause is unknown.

He advised people to consult with their doctor about sleep problems and check out to practice higher sleep hygiene — for instance, going to bed at the identical time every night. making a dark, cool sleep environment; And avoid caffeine and screen time before bed.